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A life saver emergency response system that invoke an alarm at the click of a button whenever there is a distress or when a pre-set condition breached is identified sensors for various reasons such as Security Violation, Health vitals spikes, Fire, Accidents and Disasters, with 24/7 support team at the control room. It is equipped with a Wearable Device which can be worn as a wrist band or as a pendant, connected to a Gateway. Optional integration to all sensors from STL Sensor list. Auto triggering of alert if sensors senses breach of preset sensor parameters.

Ensuring Faster response time

Concurrent dialling at a time to 10 respondents

Integration with health care support

Connects to Ambulance Response system

Loud Buzzers to alert Neighbourhood

Ensures escalation to police within 15 Secs

Long Battery Life

Wide choice wireless sensors with AI

Works on BLE 5.0 Technology

Functional Flow

Sensors identify an emergency situation such as a burglar breaking in or an unauthorized human presence is sensed or fire or smoke is detected. Sensors also identifies personal emergency such as when the health meters readings integrated with the wearable show a spike or if the person wearing the device falls and injured himself. Alert is released to the automated response system which in-turn connects to the respondents based on the alert including the listed 10 respondents